Sunday, October 14, 2007

A new venture

The excitement of new life.
The possibility of greatness,
The possibility of happiness.

Why are we doing this together?

Do we believe in the process, or do we just want the rush?

I want to believe in the miracle of when two become one...
The story of a God who loves,
Involved in the natural world.

So I believe...

As I pen a narrative of a boy trying to be a man, I begin to see.
There is truth in the idea that success is not financial.
And if I really believe this, I have to look the fear of homelessness and death in the face and reach out for the possibility.

As I right my narrative...

I am apart of a living organism; call it family, call it friend, or call it community. The dream to help one village,to help one child, to help mobilize change...

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