Saturday, September 22, 2007

somewhere between Haiti and Hondorus

I found myself in the eyes of the unknowns
People forgotten by the rest of the world
Communities left, picking up pieces of memories
Relationships founded on survival.

There is a desire for the world to be a better place.
People are turning "green", because they care
Identifiable to the rest of the world as responsible

But are we becoming more responsible to each other...

Every time I hear someone say, "is this organic?" A thought goes through my mind wondering why they care. I get it, people do not want any unwanted chemicals in their system, they heard Oprah talk about her "favorite things" and now they are looking into organic cookies and vegan rice.

I think the American movement toward a caring lifestyle is a great shift in our society, but who are the ones able to make this move.

From my standpoint it is upper middle class Americans who are predominately white. These are the market I am after. The ones with the money to burn.

The only problem with the world turn is poor people can not afford to be green. Or at least to consume the market share of green products. Sure they can recycle and make a composed pile. But they will not shop at an all organic boutique on a Saturday afternoon just for the Hell it.

These are the people I care about. the overlooked, under appreciated and under developed. the eyes of people stereotyped as lazy and worthy of the grave they have dug through drugs and poor money management. They didn't go to the write schools and they never found the right network to climb a ladder.

Not to romanticize the poor, but if this venture I am apart of goes up in flames, i may have no other option than to become one of them.

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