Saturday, December 08, 2007

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Monday, October 22, 2007

An Open Hand Initiative

Maybe it will take an open hand initiative.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

I see a boy giving all he has...

And I hear a voice asking:

"What will you give..."

The problem of poverty can end...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Voices of now

May I introduce Sally Morganthawler, a woman who has a voice and perspective needed in this time of transition. I had the pleasure of listening to her story for an etrek class. For two days I joined in a conversation about gender issues and flattened leadership at . It was during these two days and nights I found hope for the future of the church.

The church has left the building and it is time for us to hear the voices from beyond the organized religion.

Why is it open source programs and web 2.0 created a new world order? What is it about giving the power to the users and watching what happens so facinating? What if the church used some of the phylosaphy behind open source communication? What would happen if we began to view organizations a living things?
There is no one in charge and there is no one who controls content. Yet people are finding information, connection, community, a voice, friends, partners, relationships, meaning and much more... The information age is on and the church has been left in the dust.

Before you make a decision you have to check with the comity. Before you check with the comity, you have to check with the team leader and if the team leader veto's it then what do we do... But there are people suffering and people in need, and their voices have left the building.

So where do we go from here. Who are the voices we must listen to? For me the voices of Sally www.trueconversations, Todd Littleton have been a source of encouragment and hope. Friendships with and have helped give me a voice in the christian conversation. Most importantly my wife, my faith community, have brought me back to a relationship with God, through the incarnation of Christ and the dream of God.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What I believe about leadership

I believe:

*leaders listen
*leaders are learners
*leaders trust others

In Margret Wheatley's book, "Finding our Way", the reader is given a glimpse into the "new story". There is possibility for true organizational change. There is possibility for life giving organizations to thrive and be. The step for people who pioneer new ways of leading and organizing in this uncertain time of change, will lead to much failure in the eyes of society. The people paving the way may not ever find financial success or material security. However, what they will find is a new way.

The new way is only possible when the dream is realized. We all started with a dream, most of us left that dream once we realized it was self serving and impossible in our own resources. When the ceiling falls out on the perspective of what is to come and things are not as they seem. When an person realizes they got what they wanted and it is not as they thought. Hopelessness fill the bones and atrophy occurs. The breakdown of sells and structure begin. The created starts to die and can no longer co create. We are left lifeless, hopeless, and dreamless.

I say let the dreamer speak,
Let them hold their head high in the face of reality.
A reality void of meaning and purpose.
A reality build for people unwilling to dream.

Raise your voice and speak softly to the seams of society.
Work in the cracks of system which have ceased to have meaning.
there is a shifting in the sand, there is a collision of matter.
People are looking for answers and way to freedom.

We must look inside ourselves and be honest.
"I do not have what it takes"
But I will believe any way.

I will believe in the possibility of freedom.
I will believe in the hope of a savior.
I will believe in a God who loves all.
I will believe in a future.

Most of all I believe in you.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A new venture

The excitement of new life.
The possibility of greatness,
The possibility of happiness.

Why are we doing this together?

Do we believe in the process, or do we just want the rush?

I want to believe in the miracle of when two become one...
The story of a God who loves,
Involved in the natural world.

So I believe...

As I pen a narrative of a boy trying to be a man, I begin to see.
There is truth in the idea that success is not financial.
And if I really believe this, I have to look the fear of homelessness and death in the face and reach out for the possibility.

As I right my narrative...

I am apart of a living organism; call it family, call it friend, or call it community. The dream to help one village,to help one child, to help mobilize change...