Monday, May 28, 2007

conversation can be hard,

I get tired,
Tired of the blameshifting,
Tired of the mis understanding,
Tired of all the people who feel the need to defend what they believe by pointing out the faults in others,

In order to clearly define who is in, and who is out.

A belief given to me from my youth...

"We have to know who will go to heaven and who will go to hell... How else will we save this world from damnation?"

So here it is, the life long debate of doctrine, dogma and personal preference.

It was at an early age I learned how to judge, how to put people in a box in order to relegate those who God loved to the front of the bus and the rest to the back. There I was a young boy in the context of fundi-meno-judo-christian harleysville, souderton Pa. It was not easy to grow up in the christian bubble of the Pa bible belt, but it was my nurturing environment and I am thankful for the devlopmental process of my youth.

Back to pressent day...

I have a friend, whom I am getting closer with, I view him as a brother in the bunker. You know in the great war movies like "Saving Private Ryan" or "life of Quadic", wait that wasn't a war movie, Any way... The part of the movie when the young soldgeir get caught in a dog fight and stuck in a bunker over night, with only each other to watch their back.

I feel like we have the privledge of sitting in the bunker together...

I enjoy sitting in the bunker, it gives me purpose, it brings me hope for the church. You see my friend is a pastor and a damn good one. How do I know that? Because he told me... No because I have relationships with people he ministers with, and shares life with. It is about what is produced, not talked about, and this guy is apart of the production of change. This is what a young boy growing up in this contexts prayed for, over 10 years ago.

Over the years my prayers have weakend in the area of idealistic revolutionary ideas of Jesus, about a Kingdom which has come and will come again, but there are times when we are together, where I believe again.

One of those times was two weeks ago and I would like to invite you into the conversation which was produced after a night of "kingdom eyesite" (jr briggs)

Please click on the link in the title and join the conversation of preference, doctrine and dogma.

This is not the end, just the beginning.


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