Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An update from the happenings in our missional community

Today I facilitated a seminary conversation about spiritual formation and my personal journey.

If you want more insight on our missional community scrol over the title of this post and link up to www.livingroomconversations.blogspot.com.

Today was a good experience, I hope the students in the class were encouraged in their own spiritual formation and missional living.

Here is a link to another tool in spiritual formation www.sacredspace.ie. This is something I go through most mornings, it helps me center on Christ.

Here is a link to the website for the coffee business our community has birth: www.onevillagecoffee.com.

We will be updating you on the development of OHI.international our non-prophet that is resourcing under resourced NGO's and networking for them. We are currently assessing a project needed to help replenish a coffee farmers burnt crops. This is someone close to our family at One Village Coffee(OVC) and is in need of support. Even though OVC is just launching, we are praying about supporting them finantialy. This would be a step of faith, and exactly in line with our phylosaphy of living out parabolic principles. (An ordinary event with an extrodanary outcome), because of the Gospel through the participation in the Missio Dei.

We believe in cultivating the Kingdom Here on earth through the living out as sent people in a glocal context (both locally, living room and OVC and globally through OVC and OHI.) As our mission devlopes and expands, feel free to contact me through email and visit our blogs/websites that are in process. We want to participate in what God is doing and that means getting to know people from different missional perspectives.

Please share your story with me...

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