Friday, January 19, 2007

A prayer after reflection

God, Abba, Spirit, Rabbi and Friend:

Teach me to slow down while you walk with me by the shoreline,
Reveal to me your Kingdom which has all ready come,
Hold me in your hands as they open up the space with in.

Keep me from running ahead of the waves,
When the water approaches my feet allow me to stay,
Wash the sand from between my toes.

I need to slow down and wait by the shoreline as your tide some in,
Sitting as the water pours over my sin,
Cleanse me from my unrighteousness.

The discipline to act appropriately, seems out of reach,
But when you come and sit with me along the beach,
I can hear you speak;

“You are my child and you are my son. I have you in my heart, I see you when you run. My guidance is steady and my teaching is strong, to hold you in the tension of my Kingdom to come.”

Your son

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