Saturday, November 25, 2006

Faith and Community
A poem by Scott Hackman

At times in life it is impossible to have faith.
All one has to do is look at the world to chaos and calamity.
Governments full of greed and deceit.
Communities treating leaders like gods they fall morally.
Faith in an individual is futile and there is need for change from this perspective.

There is need for individuals believing in more than their abilities to see beyond their own paradigm.
There is need for churches that proclaim fanatical blessings and personal fulfillment to cease.
There is need for institutions who want your time but not your whole person to be brought low.

Society dangles the carrot as though a person can attain fulfillment with enough consumption.
A culture based on personal fulfillment and giving into any desires one might have as a way of life.
No need for faith is something greater than self, when self fulfillment is the greatest goal of mankind.
A contributor to the collective mass, who has ceased to think, ceased to dream other than for personal fulfillment.
Individualism is god and technology is the glue holding people together.

Faith is needed in a transformational community.
When a group of people believe in a greater Kingdom there is hope.
When a group of people believe for the overlooked and under resourced.
There is need for a group of people to see themselves on a mission.
There is need for people to place themselves in the care of a community.

We do not get to pick the people involved in this community.
Those who want to be involved are involved, those who want to believe, believe.
When a community of believers joins a community of unbelievers miracles can happen.
When one person dares to love another not for any personal gain, just because they are human, the Kingdom has come.
Where is such a community of faith?

We are intentionally involving ourselves in one another’s lives. Daring to believe we can create culture in a depraved world. Daring to believe the Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in Heaven.

If all we have is today, how will you live?
If life is the gift, how will you live?
If death is the future, how will you live?

This group is intentional because we get together on purpose.
This group is missional because we are doing this to provide a safe space to ask questions and belong to the Kingdom.

What consumes your thoughts?
What helps you sleep at night and get up in the morning?
What is the driving force in your life?
Who/what do you have faith in?

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