Friday, March 17, 2006

A kindred spirit

Drew took me around the cape and talked to me about the racism that is so prevalent today. Apart tide has just ended 12 years ago and the people that put the “Blacks” in their shanty towns. These are basically ghettoes. When we pulled into a township the streets were covered with children. Ages 2-18. They were all there, in the street, some half clothes. With a blank look on their face looking for guidance, running in and out of the streets.

We went to an after school program in a church. Then we took pictures of their inter action. When we walked into the room with 30 children we were suspect, but as we began to move around they received us as apart of them. We shared public space, and then personal space and with one or two intimate space. These children wanted to be touched. To love a few was a gift and I left loved.

Drew and I spent a lunch talking about the failure of our dreams. We shared stories of freedom from the “American Dream”. How our view of success has infected our view of serving God. Serving God is the only thing I find fulfillment in anymore. As I sit with these people that work with developing nations and broken people, I want in. I want to be put in the game. This stuff is where most people will not go.

American’s are not just ATM’s to these people, they are partners. The Third world wants to teach us but our ears are closed. My ears have been closed. I have hid behind my ignorance and fear. We have to serve each other, we have to listen, hear and be changed. Life is to short and the journey is too long.

There is so much happening and it is only day four and I am sure that I will not arrive home the same.

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Aaron Bishop said...

Hi buddy,
Your adventures sound amazing! I feel blessed to be your friend and colaborer for this cause. Don't think you'll surprise me if you come back to Souderton and realize you left your home in South Africa. We can never hold on to things too tight b/c if we do they will suffocate. So, whatever happens, wherever you go, be free and feel blessed to know that you have support from me.